1. Please refer to the United States Specialty Sports Association (U.S.S.S.A) website at www.usssa.com/sports/ if you would like a complete list of slow pitch softball rules and information pertaining to the use of U.S.S.S.A. approved bats.

2. An Umpire can remove a bat at anytime during a game.

3. If a batted ball hits a pitcher, the bat will be sent to the USSSA office for evaluation.

4. If it is determined that a bat has been altered and/or is illegal, the offending player may be suspended from all Dearborn Recreation Activities for up two (2) years.

5. If a player refuses an umpire’s request to confiscate a bat, that player will be suspended indefinitely from the Dearborn Softball League.

6. If your bat does not have the current USSSA stamp on it, your bat is considered illegal and will be taken away by the umpire if used at any point during the game.