The Center offers two ways to enjoy our facilities. You can become a member with a Fitness Pass or an Aerobic Pass. The Fitness Pass gives you access to all of our amenities and discounts on aerobic classes. The Aerobic Pass includes unlimited access to all aerobic classes group and specialty classes. Aerobic Pass rates do not include access to the fitness equipment, track, gym, climbing wall, open/lap swim or locker rooms.

In order to be eligible for a Fitness Pass, you must be a Dearborn resident or work in Dearborn.  However, you do not have to be a resident or employed in Dearborn to join our aerobic classes.

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For general membership questions, call 313.943.2350.

Current members who have questions may e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Member Highlights

  • Gay GivensMay 2017 imageGay has been a member of The Center for six years. She comes here three days a week for one hour each day. Gay was an airline worker for close to 40 years, so she’s lived in various locations. After growing up in Iowa, she moved away to Denver, then Chicago, and lastly, Detroit. That’s what brought her to The Center. The thing that Gay enjoys most about The Center is chatting with Erica, her personal trainer. She usually starts out on the NuStep and then does either leg or arm exercises, depending on what Erica has planned for the day. Since her first knee replacement, her major accomplishments have been getting stronger, walking better, and rehabilitating her knee. Currently, she is working toward attending as many of her scheduled sessions as possible. Gay's suggestions for other members are to spend enough time on each session and use the machines slowly for better results. She recommends that treadmill users move their arms while walking, and that they avoid holding onto the side bars or front handles. Gay is the Member Highlight this month because of her determination, her willingness to try new things (such as a personal training session in the pool), and her outgoing and fun personality.
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